Charlie Hodges is widely recognized as one of the leading divorce lawyers in Texas. His practice specializes in complex divorce and custody cases.

Many of Charlie's cases involve closely held corporations, partnerships, real estate and mineral interests, and foreign assets, and include the issues of characterization, tracing, valuation and reimbursement.

Charlie’s Experience

With more than 35 years of family law experience, Charlie has been the lead counsel in divorce and custody trials, both jury and non-jury, throughout Texas, and has successfully settled hundreds of divorce disputes in mediation.

His clients include Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors and “just plain folks.” His clients are evenly split between husbands and wives.


Charlie has been named a Texas Super Lawyer for 20 years. He is the past chair of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas and he has been certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as an expert in family law in Texas.

Charlie believes in keeping clients thoroughly informed and giving them realistic expectations about the range of possible results of the divorce. In addition, Charlie works regularly with the region's leading advisors and experts in areas such as tax law, accounting, trusts, financial planning, and forensic accounting as well as therapists, counselors and psychologists in custody matters. Charlie is also a trained family law mediator and arbitrator.

Along the way, Charlie has represented

- An executive of a Fortune 500 company in a divorce proceeding with foreign assets and complex stock options.

- A partner who specialized in corporate leveraged buyouts at one of the world’s leading publicly traded management investment companies, whose husband was a mortgage banker.

- A physician in a divorce with both property and custody issues, and in which the valuation of a medical practice and several other medical entities were involved.

- An NBA player in drafting and negotiating a confidential prenuptial agreement.

- An NFL player in a case involving significant post-divorce enforcement issues.

- An entrepreneur with a high-tech start up company in a divorce case involving complex venture capital issues.

- An NBA player in a multi-jurisdictional divorce and custody matter.